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Bi-State Masonry is one of the leading mason contractors in the Midwest, and headquartered in Rock Island, IL, part of the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. We have a proven track record of completing projects efficiently, effectively, and within budget. We believe our list of high-profile clients is testament to our high standards of quality craftsmanship.
As a top Midwestern masonry contractor, we perform restoration, refurbishing, and new construction for residential customers, as well as industrial and construction companies throughout the Midwest and United States. Our masonry expertise is showcased in a wide range of projects including hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, churches, retail stores and many more. Our services include:

Industrial: Polished or Epoxy Floors, Trench Drains, Loading Docks, Reinforced Slabs, Machine Pits and Bases, Door Openings with Lintels, Containment Pits, Floodwater Management, Structural Steel, Water Passage, Structural Concrete Slabs-Bins, Floors and Structural Decks.
Commercial: Floor Slabs, Parking Lots and Aprons, Sign Bases & Monuments, Architectural Concrete and Masonry, Masonry Restoration, Brick and Stone with Architectural Precast, Block Foundations – Above and Below-Grade, Demolition and Saw-cutting with removal, Poured concrete walls, Concrete pad and pier footings, Metal deck or pre-cast toppings, Curb and Gutter and Curb Cuts, Sidewalks with ADA Ramps and more.
Residential: New construction, remodeling, restoration, alterations; Structural walls and foundations; Privacy walls, retaining walls, stone veneering and facades; Patios, steps, paving, driveways, stone entryways; Fireplaces and Chimneys and more.

Restoration and Preservation

At Bi-State, we work with general contractors in the repair, refurbishing and construction of concrete, stone and masonry structures. We perform preservation of masonry surfaces including repairing the natural stones with specially designed repair mortars, stone consolidation, facade stabilization, replacement of stone elements in kind, and protection of the masonry elements. We provide structural repairs to buildings and infrastructure such as bridges, garages and tunnels. We also perform cosmetic repairs and apply protective finishes to concrete facades. Our preservation and restoration solutions include:

  • Dustless cutting and repointing of mortar joints
  • Removal and replacement of building sealants
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Patching of natural stones
  • Facade stabilization
  • Masonry rebuilding
  • Resetting stone and pre-cast
  • Masonry and stone paver systems
  • Stone consolidation
  • Concrete cleaning and repair
  • Stucco, Epoxy Injection and Protective Coatings

New Construction

No project is too big project or too small for Bi-State. We provide superior masonry services for your existing home or new home construction. We have decades of experience, and can deliver high quality craftmanship for projects of any size, at a fair and reasonable price. We perform indoor and outdoor projects, as well as structural and decorative. Chimneys and fireplaces, privacy walls, entryways, retaining walls, steps and more...we do it all at Bi-State Masonry.

  • New construction
  • Restoration and remodeling
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Concrete, stone, brick, etc.
  • Walls and foundations
  • Paved pathways, steps and entryways.
  • Patios, driveways and facades
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys
  • Design services available


Whether it is an older structure or new construction, Bi-State completes Waterproofing for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We work in conjunction with the building owner and construction company during the design phase of the project, to assist in developing complete waterproofing plan. There are several different types of waterproofing measures and applications, and we will choose the best solution, whether it is an existing building or new construction. Our solutions and applications address water leaks in facades or at the walls of the foundations. Here are some of our waterproofing solutions:

  • Chemical grout injection
  • Thru-wall flashing
  • Epoxy coatings and sealers
  • Expansion joints
  • Air and vapor barriers
  • Traffic bearing waterproofing for parking garages and balconies
  • Sealants
  • Below grade waterproofing
  • Building façade inspections and water tests

  • Contact Bi-State Masonry for New Construction, Resurfacing, Restoration and all other commercial and industrial masonry projects.



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