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At Bi-State, we work with general contractors in the repair, refurbishing and construction of concrete, stone and masonry structures. We perform preservation of masonry surfaces including repairing the natural stones with specially designed repair mortars, stone consolidation, facade stabilization, replacement of stone elements in kind, and protection of the masonry elements. We provide structural repairs to buildings and infrastructure such as bridges, garages and tunnels. We also perform cosmetic repairs and apply protective finishes to concrete facades. Our preservation and restoration solutions include:

  • Dustless cutting and repointing of mortar joints
  • Removal and replacement of building sealants
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Patching of natural stones
  • Facade stabilization
  • Masonry rebuilding
  • Resetting stone and pre-cast
  • Masonry and stone paver systems
  • Stone consolidation
  • Concrete cleaning and repair
  • Stucco, Epoxy Injection and Protective Coatings



Bi-State Masonry, Inc.


1320 West Kimberly
Davenport, IA 52806

Second Location

3511 8th St,
Rock Island, IL 61201